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Cont….7619991000Glintled Technologies..Our LED display systems are widely used in many Industries,Banks, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Educational Institutions, etc. We can also efficiently offer customized LED Display Board/System …
We are manufacturing Production Display, Environment Display, Video display, Andon Display, Production Monitoring System, Production Display Boards, Production Information System, Variable Message Sign, Variable Message Display and LED VMS Sign.

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Tag: OHLS-over Head Lane signal
Traffic Light-TL
UFD-User Fare Display
Digital Clocks
Token display Board
Currency Rate Display Board
UP Down Counters
Jewellery Rate Display board
Indoor LED Message Display
Outdoor LED Display Board
Tricolor Indoor LED Display
Full Color Indoor LED Message Display
Single Color Outdoor LED Message Display
Tricolor Outdoor LED Display
Full Color Video LED Sign Board
Indoor Video LED Message Display
Outdoor Video LED Display
Moving message display board
Multi colour Display Board
Multilingual Display Board
Production Display Board
Score Board
Digital Clock
User Fare Display (UFD)
Traffic Light (TL)
Over Head Lane Signal (OHLS )
LED Display Boards at Railways Stations & Airports.
Display of Real Time Clock & Temperature.
To display Gold, interest and foreign exchange rates.
Display Boards at Clubs & multiplexes.
To display promotional schemes for FMCG / Corporate.
LED Display systems at Shopping malls & retail stores.
Display Board to display traffic information.
Display Board at Trade Fairs & Exhibitions.
traffic and road safety, Parking Guidance & Management