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Every building and the land has its own past and energy levels. The house or place can affect your emotional state through its own energy levels i.e, vibrations. I am also speaking of spirit energies attached to a place or house.
Don’t you find some places inherently creepy no matter what time of the day you go there? Have you ever noticed that your temper and other emotions tend to increase in particular rooms in your own space or others’? Like if you had entertained negative thoughts repeatedly in a specific room or corner in your house then soon you will be habituated to think negatively whenever you are in that same spot.
A simple energy cleansing of that space and house (or business office) will help clear and cleanse the energies. In this, the cleansing is not even required to be done from inside the house.
The most obvious effect is its influence on the emotions and relationships of the people residing in that space. The negative thought-forms subtly (or sometimes severely) influence the emotional state of the people in that space and over time the influence becomes stronger and quicker. Relationships can become strained due to such influences. In case of spirit attachments, the effects cannot be predicted because they largely depend on the past and intention of the spirits and soul fragments.
The other area of influence seems to be on the health of the family members. The spirit energies or thought-forms can affect the natural health and balance of people and make them vulnerable to various ailments.
In some cases, finances of the family seem to decline due to energy attachment in house.
One other common case is that of the soul fragment trying to evict the people from that space. It usually is done by spirits of people who owned or lived in that house earlier. The influence of the spirit attachment in these cases could be deliberate or unintentional. The spirit cannot rest until the house is empty again.
Another common effect is fear due to direct perception of the spirits themselves. The presence of spirit(s) is felt by most of the family members in various situations. In some cases, some members have also described to me the appearance of the spirit form. But most often it is presence as a vague form through their peripheral vision and the experience is shared by others in the family too. They see forms walking past in the hallway, in the toilets, etc.
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