Creative Edutainment Activities At Your Apartments

If you have a group of kids interested in highly exciting fun filled hands on SCIENCE activities, give us a call right away!!
GYANPRO conducts various science related activities for kids and adults like workshops, science shows, birthday parties, parent engagement program and much more!!
All of these at your apartment!!
Our team is specialised and trained for Edutainment Parties and workshops !!
GYANPRO aims at initiating an interest and kindle logical thinking in children, showing them that science is amazing and touches every aspect of life!
GYANPRO Workshops are fun filled with hands on activities, where kids build projects and take home working models. We Conducts workshop & camps all around Bangalore for 6-14 yr olds
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Contact : GYANPRO Educational Innovation Pvt Ltd.
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“Looking for some bind blowing science facts? Interested in learning the mind breaking theories in a very simple way? Its all possible in GYANPRO. visit our to find out whats happening the Science World.
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Please also do see our activities and explore how you can involve yourself in those activities and discover your true self.”
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